Futures & Options

Futures and Options Trades and Managing them on a daily basis is the key to successfully improve the daily earnings. Most of us struggle to earn because we don’t realize the exact time to exit. I personally exit my trades a little more than the breakeven levels. This gives me opportunity to go side by … Read more

Is Futures and Options Trading a gambling?

Futures and options trading share similarities with gambling, but they fundamentally differ in purpose, structure, and risk management. Let’s delve into the nuances: In summary, while speculative trading can resemble gambling, futures and options empower individuals to make informed decisions, manage risk, and participate in markets strategically. It’s not a roll of the dice; it’s a … Read more

Budget 2024 And Increased F&O Tax

Budget 2024 highlights the introduction of increased f&o trading tax rates can dent the sentiment of the investors. Is it necessary for the government to unnecessarily fiddle a system which is working fine? The impact of changes in F&O trading tax rates is indeed a topic of debate. Let’s explore both sides: In the end, … Read more

High dividend ETF’s at Work

How do high dividend ETF’s work? A high dividend yield ETF focuses on investing in a portfolio of stocks or other income-generating securities with relatively above-average dividend yields. These ETFs aim to provide investors with a steady stream of income, making them popular among income-seeking investors. Here’s how they work: Remember that the timing of dividend … Read more

Historical returns of small-cap funds

Certainly! Small-cap mutual funds have historically delivered varying returns. Let’s explore some examples: Additionally, the top-performing small-cap fund over the past decade is the Quant Small Cap Fund, with an annualized return of 39.06%2. Keep in mind that past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, so thorough research and diversification remain crucial. If you’d like more details … Read more

Benefits of using AI for stock picking?

Certainly! Using AI for stock picking offers several benefits: Enhanced Accuracy: AI analyzes large volumes of data quickly and accurately, providing more reliable predictions than traditional methods. Improved Efficiency: AI automates stock analysis and decision-making, saving investors time and effort. Reduced Risk: Unbiased AI decisions based on data help mitigate emotional biases. Personalized Recommendations: AI … Read more

Best Book to Learning Investing for Beginner

Certainly! If you’re just starting out on your investing journey, there are several excellent books that can provide valuable insights.Here are 11 great investing books to consider: “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham:This classic book emphasizes value investing and provides timeless principles for beginners. “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing” by John C. Bogle:A … Read more

Intrinsic value and implied volatility?

Certainly! Let’s dive into the fascinating world of options and explore intrinsic value and implied volatility. Intrinsic Value: Intrinsic value is an essential concept in options trading. It represents the inherent value of an option based on the relationship between the option’s strike price and the current price of the underlying stock. Here’s how it … Read more

The Maldives Controversy

India is the second largest source market for tourists in the Maldives, with a growth rate of 83% in 2019. India also became the first country to resume flights to the Maldives after the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. India was instrumental in many political supports to Maldives. Now, the recent derogatory remark on India is … Read more

Covered Call

This is the most safe and secured way of investing and transacting the trades. I found this method to be most effective and rewarding for the simple reason, I keep on doing trades just to protect my profits in the underlying. It is done with hedging and when this is done properly, there is no … Read more