Historical returns of small-cap funds

Certainly! Small-cap mutual funds have historically delivered varying returns. Let’s explore some examples:

  1. Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund – Direct Plan: Over the past year, it has provided an impressive return of 46.40%.
  2. Motilal Oswal Small Cap Fund – Direct Plan: With a 2-year return of 46.40%, it has shown consistent growth1.
  3. Sundaram Small Cap Fund – Direct Plan: A 3-year return of 47.45% demonstrates its potential.
  4. Invesco India Smallcap Fund – Direct: This fund has achieved a remarkable 5-year return of 55.93%.
  5. Tata Small Cap Fund – Direct Plan: It boasts a 5-year return of 49.16%1.

Additionally, the top-performing small-cap fund over the past decade is the Quant Small Cap Fund, with an annualized return of 39.06%2. Keep in mind that past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, so thorough research and diversification remain crucial.

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